Hey, we want to do your hair and hear your story

shall we?

Studio Photography of a Model

We grow & cut your hair, touch up your roots and hear you out

isn't this the way to a great relationship?

At HABIT hair - we love doing your hair - that goes without saying, as this is who we are - the hair people.
We even go beyond that :) We will tell you off for wanting to try the colour that would look silly on you, the cut - that wouldn't suit your personality or the shape of your face ... 
BECAUSE we know that what you really want is to feel GREAT, and that is our main prerogative!
We are the hair people,
and you, YOU are our friend :)

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Princess Braid


Eyebrows Makeup

Habit beauty

beauty treatments

We would love to indulge you in services that will make you feel better, prettier and more confident. Luckily Natalie, who specialises in what you and your skin feels best is at hand :)
Your body hair is a problem?
EYELASH extensions? We sure do !

Hair Salon

We are here to see you 40 hours a week

let's talk about your hair !

Mon 11pm - 7pm
Tue - Fri: 10am - 8pm
Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm


"You don't have to be a movie star for me to do your hair, when you sit in my chair you're my movie star."

Vincent Roppatte


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132 South Ealing Road, London W5 4QJ, UK

020 8616 0710

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